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Pasta Ripiena is pasta with a filling, made by rolling out dough, cutting it to size, adding desired filling and making appropriate shape. We offer Tortelloni, Tortellini with a meat filling, Ravioli, Casunzei, Culurgiones and Agnolotti. 

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Pasta Lunga is any pasta of longer length, made from fresh dough and rolled out to create unique shapes. Piera makes a variety of longer Pasta like: Pappardelle, Tagliatelle, Tagliolini, Spaghetti, Mafaldine, Linguine and Lasagna. 

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Pasta Corta is any pasta of short length, made from fresh dough and rolled out to create unique shapes.  Piera makes Casarecce, Maccheroni, Cavatelli, Orecchiette and Garganelli. Choose your favourites!

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Gnocchi are made from a base of potato, flour and egg (vegan option without egg). Piera makes three different types of Gnocchi: the traditional potato gnocchi, pumpkin gnocchi and ricotta gnocchi. 

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Why choose us?

Pasta has always been sold per Kg; but we have changed the rules.

At Piera Pasta Fresca we have eliminated time-consuming steps, to aid Chef’s in the preparation and cooking stages. No time wasted portion sizing, no storing and washing containers after cook-up.

Piera’s pasta will arrive in a single portion bag, ready to be cooked. Quick and easy to throw in, eliminating any potential errors as packaging is straightforward.

This way you can handle the quantity of your customers’ plate, without any additional work.

Handmade artisan pasta made by our head chef Piera and her team of sfogline will be delivered directly to your door.

You can expect consistency in high quality taste as our process remains authentically Italian and is not going anywhere!

Our pasta will keep your clients coming back, as one bite will transport them straight to Italy!

The Founder